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Brief history of “Schomberg Supplies”, currently MainStreet Power Sports. (With photos!)

Schomberg Supplies was purchased by Len Bishop in 1959. Len had been a miller in Nobleton for the previous 9 years until the mill burnt down. Schomberg Supplies had been used as a truck garage prior to Len’s purchase in 1959. In the next couple of years Len and his wife Nora purchased two mobile mills and went out to local farms to do their milling. In 1963, Len and Nora started building the orange landmark the still stands today.

At the time, the elevators, milling equipment, machinery, technique and knowledge were state of the art. Len and Nora cleaned seed for farmers with a 50 square mile radius and was the only miller around.

Len and Nora kept expanding Schomberg Supplies. A dominion hardware store was added to cater the expanding community. Schomberg Supplies was growing fast and changing with the market place. A license bureau was added in the late 60’s. This now “General Store” offered evertyhing from nuts and bolts, agricultural equipment to pool supplies.

In 1978 Len retired and handed the reins over to his son Bruce and wife Penny. Bruce and Penny operated the mill very successfully until 1996, ever expanding and meeting the community’s needs, when it was sold to the Crocombe family. In 2012, the feed mill once again changed hands, was renovated and is currently the home of MainStreet PowerSports.